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MP3 плееры Divox
MP3 players (flash) Divox
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MP3 players


MP3 player DIVOX DV-1580 MP3 player DIVOX DV-1580

Mp3 player DV-1580, is a portable music center with a large touch screen and a wide range of playing video and audio clips and even flash files (RM/ RMVB/ ASF/ AVI/ MP4/ WMV/ MOV/ MPG; MP3/ WMA/ WAV; JPEG/ BMP/ GIF/ PNG photos & flash play) The player fits well in your pocket and can play your favorite music up to 17-18 hours. A lot of various settings, make a portable mp3 player is strictly personal and vivid. Read more...

MP3 player DIVOX DV-1569 MP3 player DIVOX DV-1569

Stylish and high-tech mp3 player DIVOX with touch wide-screen size 2,8" DV-1569.This player was developed according to the most advanced technologies, which allow the user to completely control the user-friendly animated interface through touching the screen. For the first time, it activates the scroll down from function of the screen with one touch. For users' convenience in the there are only two buttons... Read more...

MP3 player DIVOX DV-1565 MP3 player DIVOX DV-1565

Mp3 player DV-1565 is ultra-modern model player with touch screen measuring 2.8 inches. The player is very comfortable for reading e-books and watching your favorite movies. In addition, mp3 player can excellently plays digital music. There are built-in radio, games, file explorer, photo browser. This player is a real mobile entertainment center! Improved energy system... Read more...

MP3 player DIVOX DM-1433 MP3 player DIVOX DM-1433

Aluminum shell, magnet USB cap, lithium battery, make mp3 player DM-1433 is particularly strong and reliable. Modern design, ergonomic management, powerful sound. Built-in FM radio, 7-mode lights, simple settings, rich fitting accessories kit, reasonable price. MP3 player can be used as a USB flash card! Read more...

Today, we do not even think how far gone forward technological progress and flash mp3 player had become a part of life. And now we have forgotten about the tapes with music, vinyl and uncomfortable tape recorders ... All this in the past, now 21, the age of new technologies and technological progress!
This new technology allowed «hide» many hours of music in one small device, and CD players and mp3 players able us to enjoy many hours of music without interruption. And no matter where you are now, at work or on vacation in the city or in the forest, everywhere with a small device, and therefore favorite music.
On our site you will find a full range of our products, especially high-quality, reliable and high-tech mp3 flash players last generation, including from so popular today, touch screen, as well as mp3 players flash - memory (supports mp4). Divox, is the most advanced technology, along with high quality affordable price. We offer a wide range of mp3 players, and we are confident that everyone will be able to find a suitable model for you.
Our products are designed for a wide range of customers, but we focus primarily on those who always wants to have the most modern, high quality and perfect technical devices!

Divox - Watch, Hear, Have Fan!


Телефон: +7(495)728-56-52
mail: info@divox.ru
Skype: divox_company

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